Kaspersky for Mail Server 10-14 User 3 year Obnova KASPERSKY

Kaspersky for Mail Server 10-14 User 3 year Obnova

1830 Kč

Výjimečné zboží, Kaspersky for Mail Server 10-14 User 3 year Obnova značky KASPERSKY - tento artikl doporučujeme při likvidaci skladu za nepřekonatelných 1830.00 CZK. Naše výhodné nabídky čekají právě na vás. A to ještě není všechno, dopravu za vás hradí e-shop, když hodnota vašeho košíku přesáhne 1000 Kč bez DPH. Jsme si jistí, že tohle ocení každý zákazník.

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Tohle si zamilujete: Kaspersky for Mail Server 10-14 User 3 year Obnova kvalitní značky KASPERSKY - tento produkt objednáte s unikátní slevou za 1830 Kč. Výhodné ceny máme pro všechny zákazníky. Běží vám čas na BEZPLATNOU dopravu k objednávkám v hodnotě 1000 Kč bez daně a víc! Lepší nabídku už na trhu hledat nemusíte.

Proven Next Generation protection for business email

Email is the number one malware vector threatening business IT security. Kaspersky Security for Mail Server uses advanced heuristics, sandboxing, machine learning and other Next Generation technologies to protect email from malicious attachments, spam, phishing and unknown threats.

Protect your business from financial, operational and reputational loss caused by mail-based attacks with the world’s most tested, most awarded security.

Over half of all emails sent are spam. Increase productivity and reduce threats with cloudassisted,
Next Generation spam protection.

Kaspersky Lab’s cloud-assisted, Next Generation anti-spam detects even the most sophisticated, unknown spam with
minimal loss of valuable communication due to false positives. Reducing the time, resources and risks associated with spam by stopping it in its tracks saves system and human resources.

Reduced cost of ownership

Kaspersky Security for Mail Server balances manageability and ease of use, freeing up IT staff time for other tasks. Flexible filtering configuration scenarios ensure a great fit with your business processes, reducing management resources.

Flexible payment options for Small and Medium Businesses

Kaspersky Security for Mail Server is available on an annual licensing or convenient monthly subscription basis.

Convenient for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

As more MSPs add cybersecurity to their value proposition, Kaspersky Security for Mail Server supports multi-tenant management capability, flexible licensing and just the right kind of system health reporting an MSP’s first-line support would need.


* Real-time, on-demand Next Generation anti-malware protection
* Two-way integration with Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform (KATA)
* Specialized protection against sophisticated phishing threats, including Business Email Compromise (BEC)
* Available under monthly subscription license for end users and MSPs
* Zero-hour threat protection
* Backed by global threat intelligence from Kaspersky Security Network
* LDAP/Microsoft Active Directory support
* Quarantine management for emails and attachments
* Takes care of embedded malicious macros and other objects
* Stops email-distributed ransomware and miner Trojans


HuMachine™-powered, multi-layered malware protection

Kaspersky’s Next Generation malware protection incorporates multiple proactive security layers, including machine learning and cloud-assisted threat intelligence, to filter out malicious attachments, known and previously unknown malware in incoming mail. Real-time and on-demand scanning are available – the latter especially useful in migration scenarios.

Global threat intelligence

Kaspersky Security for Mail Server uses globally acquired data for the very latest view of the threat landscape, even as it evolves.

* Machine learning

The big data of global threat intelligence is processed by the combined power of machine learning algorithms and
human expertise, delivering proven high detection levels with minimal false positives.

* Emulative sandboxing

To protect against even the most sophisticated, heavily obfuscated malware, attachments are executed in a safe
emulated environment where they are analyzed to ensure dangerous samples aren’t let through into the corporate

Robotized anti-spam system (with content reputation)

Kaspersky’s anti-spam system utilizes machine learningbased detection models. To minimize the possibility of false positives and adapt to changes in the threat landscape, robotic spam processing is supervised by Kaspersky Lab experts, part of the Kaspersky HuMachine™ framework.

Advanced anti-phishing and BEC protection

Kaspersky’s advanced anti-phishing system is based on Neural Networks analysis for effective detection models.
With over 1,000 criteria used – including pictures, language checks, and specific scripting – this cloud-assisted approach is supported by globally acquired data about malicious and phishing URLs, to provide protection from both known and unknown / zero-hour phishing emails. Special algorithms target Business Email Compromise (BEC) threats.

Authenticated email management

Reliable sender authentication mechanisms such as SPF / DKIM / DMARC help protect against source spoofing.
This is especially useful for Business Email Compromise (BEC) scenarios.

Attachment filtering

Some types of attachment are too risky to be let into the corporate security perimeter. Kaspersky Lab’s attachment filtering system allows the flexible configuration of an attachment delivery policy, and detects multiple types of file disguise commonly used by cybercriminals. These features help reduce the probability of data leaks.

Built-in backup

To ensure that no critical data is lost due to disinfection or deletio

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  • Název: Kaspersky for Mail Server 10-14 User 3 year Obnova
  • Cena: 1830 Kč
  • Výrobce: KASPERSKY
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